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Top Benefits of Marketing Automation

Posted on 06 November 2020 by admin (0)

If you have ever been involved in the affairs of running or managing any business, you probably know the key to driving revenue lies in sales and marketing. Businesses such as Virginia Beach Towing go above and beyond to implement sales and marketing strategies geared towards ensuring they can capture more market and turn more sales. One way of ensuring you get everything right in terms of marketing is through implementing some form of automation.

That said, marketing automation is the process of making systems or processes occur automatically with the use of the software. The work of marketing automation is to streamline marketing efforts and make departments more efficient.

Here are some key benefits of marketing automation;


First of all, marketing automation makes it easy for your entire department to be more efficient. You stand a better chance to reduce staffing costs while freeing up the time for your team so that they can work on other important tasks. Instead of having a manual posting on social media every day, a marketing automaton will help in automating the process. Doing so will mean your team can have extra time to concentrate on other creative tasks.

Aligning Marketing and Sales

When you combine sales and marketing automation efforts with the use of the same software, you stand in a very prime position to align company goals and efforts. Essentially, it will make the process of going from marketing qualified lead to sales qualified lead very much easy. Marketing automation can help in creating a 14.5 percent increase in sales productivity as well as a 12.2 reduction in marketing overheads.

Increasing conversation rate

When we speak of increasing conversation rates, marketing automation helps in making your team more effective. It can help you increase your conversation rate and manage leads more effectively. Your marketing automation software will help in tracking your leads and you can even use the same to retarget your website visitors who do not convert at the first interaction. Marketing automation will help to give your team more time to analyze your marketing strategy.

Accuracy in reporting

Reporting your analytics should never be a challenging task if you can incorporate marketing automation platforms to your side. You should be able to use your software to generate automated reports. Additionally, marketing automation platforms can help in giving you a high-level overview of your overall process. Doing so will also help you to see any complications as well as friction points. For your analytics to help you make better decisions, the reporting must be very accurate.

Personalized Marketing Strategy

As your team spends more time creating what works for them instead of doing manual data entry jobs, marketing automation software will allow them to create more personalized content through its superior segmentation capabilities and reporting. With marketing automation, you stand a better chance to target your persona on different channels, including social media, search ads and email campaigns. Marketing automation will help in turning your website visitors into leads once you have a good idea of the sector you want to target.