How to Do Pricing and Packaging the Right Way

Posted on 02 September 2020 (0)

Now that you have a very well established business that is registering a steady flow of revenue from different clients, what next should you be focused on? You might be focused on different areas of business growth such as making new hires and expanding business units. However, one area you need to give a keen consideration is your pricing and packaging strategy. Getting your pricing and packaging right the way tow trucks in Charlotte do can help in creating a loyal following of customers.

At the very basic level, pricing and packaging involve bundling the services together and charging as one price. There is also another common option especially with tech companies which give clients the option of choosing between multiple service packages. Such companies normally present three different packages to a client, with each subsequent package offering more value and equally attracting a higher price.


How to package prices the right way

If you use the right steps and process, you should make pricing and packaging to be easy. When you package different prices for your services, prospects will not compare you against the competition. You will give your customers more choices to choose packages that favor and work towards their needs. You will be able to appeal to clients with different budgets and doing so will shift focus from cost to value.

Now that you have a good understanding of how to create three tiers of pricing, there are other issues to be put into consideration before making the ultimate decision. First, start by gathering vital information to narrow down your list of services. Gather as much information as possible on your customers, market, and competition. Doing so will help you determine what services to bundle together and it will ensure you only offer the most relevant services to your market. Listen to your market and speak to your clients and prospects. Engage them in conversation that will help you understand the problems they are facing.

Analyze your business to determine what type of services to combine for your business. Reflect on past projects to have an idea of what worked and what didn’t. Review your past records to have an idea of what services to keep and what services to cut. You also need to research your competition to see what services and packages they offer.

Different Packaging Options

Once you have narrowed down your list, it’s time to come up with your packages. You can bundle services together as doing so will create a more robust and convenient way to offer to your client’s services they would love. The second way to go about it is to package different service levels. Present several packages alongside each other so that you allow clients to choose on three different levels of services. The third way to go about it is to package your service process. This is an often-overlooked method for packaging services. With this method, you make a package on how you deliver your service so as to demonstrate expertise and build trust.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Auto Body Shop

Posted on 21 February 2018 (0)

Auto shopIt is not uncommon to find yourself shopping for an auto body from a store that you will later regret. Just like you have to do a lot of research to find the best car dealer or towing service, there are several factors that will help you determine whether your auto body shop choice has given you the service you anticipated or not. First of all, you want to find expert mechanics that have been around for some time. Secondly, you need to find a relatively affordable shop that you will not feel exploited by the charges of their services. Above all, you must be satisfied in a way that you will gladly visit the same shop anytime you need a similar service. The following are five tips that can help you to choose the right shop for your auto body.


Pay enough attention to a word of mouth

Typically, this aspect means the referrals made by your family, friends and any other person you meet who has ever been served in the specific auto body shop. Even though businesses have the capacity to advertise their work, it is a common routine that we will always trust those close to use more than the enterprises. This is because it is relatively easy to tell that the business has proven to provide satisfactory services to its customers. It is worth noting that the best auto body shop might not currently be the biggest in town; you may find a small business that has just started but offers top quality services in an attempt to attract and keep customers. In the end, this might develop to be one of the customers’ favorites because of its focus on quality.

Get several estimates and make comparisons

EstimateOne common mistake car owners make is to visit a single auto body shop and even without thinking of other choices and get direct to work. This is very wrong. You might want to move around and ask about alternative auto body shops with which you can compare the level of expertise of the mechanics, the service charges, the time taken to complete a task, among other factors. There is a general mentality that cheap shops offer poor quality. Sometimes, this is an aspect you should be quite keen on. However, it is worth noting that your decision should not be made solely on the service fee; there are shops that charge high fees but do shoddy work. In contrast, you may find auto shops that charge relatively smaller fee, but the quality of service is just excellent. Therefore, draw several options and compare the best one for you based on the discussed aspects.

The qualifications

It is considered important to find an auto shop that passes the entire qualification tests. No car owner would want an inexperienced mechanic to handle his vehicle. You need to find out the academic qualifications of the respective expert and whether the enterprise has all the licenses required to run the business. In most cases, these licenses should be posted on the front wall of the shop to allow for easy access to the customers. If you can’t see them, you have all the rights to assume that this is a fraudulent business until proved otherwise.

Ask relevant questions

When you visit an auto body shop, legitimate attendants will be willing to answer your questions in a simple way without using complex jargons that a layperson may not understand. They will start examining your car and introduce other problems that did not even exist. Do not hesitate; ask direct questions and demand for simple answers. Besides, make sure you understand what took you there. This way, an illegitimate mechanic will not get the chance to misuse your lack of advanced knowledge in motor issues. Beware of some other common tricks such as overstating of the problem by the mechanic to prevent you from visiting an alternative shop.

Trust your institution

Sometimes it becomes a little challenging to follow all the methods that can help you make the best choice. For instance, if a problem happens so fast that you do not have enough time to make consultations, it is high time you trust what your intuition tells you. If you think that a certain shop can offer satisfactory services, try it.


Easy Steps to Achieve Better Gas Mileage

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FuelThe cost of fuel is not something that puts a smile on the faces of car owners. Whether you are driving a bus, saloon car, limousine or truck, you want to have the best economy for fuel.  Today, it is spiraling upwards every other day. Therefore, there is a need to control the fuel consumption of your vehicle to save money. The following are several tips that you can use to achieve a better gas mileage.

Measure your gas mileage

This should be the first step that you should consider to achieve a better mileage. Even though this process seems obvious, it is worth noting that most car owners do not know how to measure the average gas mileage of their vehicles. For this reason, they cannot tell how much fuel is consumed by their vehicles; hence, they end up spending so much money that could be avoided if they knew their gas mileage. Modern cars are fitted with mpg readout where you can note how the fuel is being consumed. It also provides a warning when the gas is almost getting exhausted. The best way is to fill the tank of your vehicle and monitor how long it will take to use it up. Repeat the procedure for about four times and find the average gas mileage.

If it is possible, change octane

There is a general habit for car owners to drive around with medium gas in the tank when this is not even necessary. Remember, if the instruction in your owner’s manual is ‘regular’, do exactly that. The act of using premium or mid-grade gas is just a waste of money. The only exception to this aspect is when your engine is of a high compression nature that can easily be detonated through pinking or pinging. In this case, you can use high-octane petrol. Therefore, your car will operate efficiently with the cheapest petrol you can afford. This will help you save a significant amount of money on gas.

Check your tire pressure

Technically, deflated tires tend to cause more resistance in the movement of your vehicle. For this reason, the car ends up consuming more oil than it should have. Therefore, do not allow your vehicle to run on flat or inadequately inflated tires. The gas mileage will consequently be down with inflated tires because the rolling resistance on the road has significantly been reduced. The owner’s manual can be a useful tool to explain car check up on the tire pressure. Therefore, always ensure that they are up to the recommended standards as indicated in the owner’s manual.

Consider changing your air filter

Air filterYour engine is protected from dirt and dust by the air filter that absorbs these particles from the road. If the filter does not function as expected due to clogging, the engine will find it hard to operate in normal condition. This means that it could draw more fuel from the tank because of the difficulties experienced in sucking the air through the filter. This reduced air flow will most likely be compensated by a richened up mixture of petrol in an attempt to continue operating smoothly. Typically, even though your owner’s manual will determine when you should replace your air filter, it is advisable that you change it at least one per year especially if you normally drive on a rough road with more dust.


Change your oil

Your engine oil is one of the most important elements you have to check on to ensure that your car operates smoothly. It is the heartbeat of your engine. If the oil is exhausted, the engine dries up due to lack of enough lubrication. Some of its parts start wearing out due to increased friction caused by the uncontrolled collision. The ultimate consequence will most likely be reduced efficiency and increased fuel consumption.

Avoid carrying excess weight

It is important to ensure that you do not put extra weight on the rear axle of your car that could adversely affect how your front wheels produce an effective grip. Ideally, try as much as possible to remove any junk that is in your car’s trunk. Do not develop a habit of carrying bulky items that can increase the rate of consumption of the vehicle due to the increased work given to the engine.

Understanding the Different Types of Towing Services

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WheelA significant number of people hold the belief that towing companies such as Springfield Tow Truck only offer one type of tow truck service. However, this is not true; there are several tow trucks that a client can choose from. It is worth noting that the availability of these choices depends on the towing company that you have decided to hire. Besides, the success of the towing process significantly depends on the type of the truck you have chosen. Therefore, it is important to consider the most appropriate service truck chosen from the following options.


Wheel lift tow trucks

These trucks are most suitable for those vehicles whose overall weight is below 10,000 lbs. Even though it has several advantages such as high efficiency and low costs, it is almost only useful to small vehicles and not the heavy ones.


Flatbed Towing

Flat_Bed_Tow_TruckThis is one of the most reliable, convenient and safest options for towing. It is mostly found in those companies that are well-established, reputable and professional. Your car is safely lifted and strapped for transporting to the garage. Most of the firms that provide this service can be available for both short distance and long distance towing. Virtually all kind of vehicles can be served by this type of truck towing, including SUV’s, utility trucks, sports cars, utility cars and many others. The towing vehicles are well –equipped with a four-wheel system that is tied down to ensure careful handling of your car during the whole process of towing.



Hook and Chain towing

The vehicles used are sling trucks whose primary purpose is to tow different forms of cargo. The chains around the axles and frames are carefully wrapped to assist in the process of towing. Recently, this type of towing has dramatically declined due to complaints by the car owners that in the process, their vehicles have been bumped and scratched because of improper towing. For this reason, it is no longer a preferable service. However, it remains applicable in in cars that have been involved in accidents and got wretched in the process.


Motorcycle Towing

In the United States, motorcycles are used as luxurious forms of transport. You could be using it as your primary means of transportation or as a weekend gateway. Whichever way, it is very frustrating to have a breakdown at a place that it feels like a burden. Do not worry; there are companies that provide excellent services for towing motorcycles in a very safe manner that will not cause any more damage to it. Whether it is a short distance or long distance service, you can contact them for urgent help.


Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing is mostly applicable to heavy vehicles like lorries and tankers. It is a comprehensive and versatile solution which is used where many other services cannot. If you need a safe and reliable solution, you may need to consider this service.

In summary, depending on your towing need, you can choose the types of service you need. Factors such as the type of vehicle, the availability of the service, and the condition of your car should be considered in the decision-making process.

Benefits of Using a Flatbed Tow Truck When Towing your Vehicle

Posted on 23 November 2017 (0)

We both know that a professional towing service plays a significant role when it comes to dealing with vehicle accidents, collisions, car breakdowns, and other car-related issues. You always do everything possible to protect your vehicle as it’s an important asset in your daily activities. From taking your kids to school to driving to work, and attending to other issues, your vehicle makes things easier for you each day. However, vehicles tend to develop complications when least expected which is why hiring a professional towing service is critical.

One of the reasons you need a professional towing service is so you can protect your vehicle. Note that there are many options when it comes to transporting your damaged vehicle to a safe location. Using a flatbed tow truck will provide you with a number of benefits. Unlike the traditional tow trucks, flatbed tow trucks can handle a wide range of vehicles of different weight and shape. Here are reasons why you should consider using a flatbed tow truck the next time you’re stuck on the road.

Flatbed towing ensures your Vehicle’s Safety

The first thing you should think about every time your vehicle breaks down is its safety. The safest option you can use to transport your vehicle is a flatbed truck. Flatbed towing usually involves placing the entire vehicle on a flat surface which means there’s no risk of further damage even if it’s on a bumpy and rough terrain.

Flatbed Tow Trucks are Versatile

The traditional tow trucks are limited in the types of vehicles they can tow and transport. However, flatbed tow trucks offer versatility in the sense that a wide variety of vehicles can be loaded on it and transported. Whether it’s an SUV, truck or an exotic vehicle, flatbed towing has got you covered.

Flatbed Towing offers you More Convenience

One of the things you must do when dealing with a dolly or other traditional towing methods is to avoid damaging your vehicle’s transmission. Usually, the drive shaft of your vehicle has to be removed before it can be towed. There’s more work needed which makes it more complicated and consumes a lot of time. A flatbed tow truck only needs one thing: loading the vehicle on the flatbed surface. If your vehicle can still move, all you need is to drive it onto the ramp of the truck. If it can’t move, it just needs to be loaded, and everything is done.

Flatbed Towing are best for Long-Distance Towing

If you want to tow your vehicle for a long distance, your best option is using a flatbed tow truck. Your goal, when towing your vehicle, should always to protect it. You don’t want your vehicle to undergo so much wear and tear. Flatbed towing allows your vehicle to be lifted off the road surface and strapped to its bed. If your vehicle has a lowered undercarriage, transporting it using a flatbed tow truck will also be the best option.